Discord Scout Troop Jamboree

1st - 3rd August 2020

The Jamboree Programme

There will be 48 hours of activities across all time zones aimed at Scouts aged 13 and up!

Here is just a small selection of some of the excitement to look forward to:

  • Badges: Complete badges from around the world with slightly adapted requirements
  • Tent Inspection: At the tent inspection you will get a couple of hours to set up and decorate your tent and compare pictures with everyone else
  • Campfire: Virtual campfire, songs, stories and fire!
  • Competitions: Video competitions, Treasure Hunts, Scavenger Hunts, Taskmaster Team-based challenges and more!
  • Craft Tent: Arts and craft
  • Get Active: Exercise / activity hour
  • Challenges: Baking, building, making, racing, exploring!
  • Pioneering: Mini pioneering competition
  • Minecraft: Minecraft build challenge We will be having a Scout themed Minecraft Build Competition! You will get 34 hours to complete your build on a superflat creative world, and at the end the moderators will vote upon their favourite.
  • Board Game Cafe: Board games/card games
  • Video Games: Multiplayer games and game tournaments, including Jackbox, Skribbl, Mario Kart, Super Smash
  • Quiz: Take on the Jamboree quiz and test your knowledge against the world!
  • International Promise Renewal: Scouts come together from across the world to renew the promise they made when they were invested. Aimed at scouts from all countries.
  • Cookalong: Everyone watches and works alongside each other to create a piece of food.
  • Escape Room: Work together and solve clues in our exclusive Escape Room and race for the best time to escape!
  • Talent Show: Teams/people/groups can all submit a brief video showcasing their talent, ready for a live show!
  • Music Band: Everyone plays along to a common rhythm beat to make a joint piece of music!
  • The Enterprise Game: Turn your materials into profits while competing against the other teams in a battle to the best!
  • Virtual Wide Games: Traditional wide games in the virtual world!
  • The Great Debate: Join us and share your opinions at the DST Jamboree debate event, where we will peacefully discuss scouting topics on voice chat.
  • Scout Wall: Building a Scout Wall, with everyone contributing a brick with their picture and story
  • Trading Card Game: DST Trading Card Game (by taking part in other challenges, people can earn DST trading cards, and they can trade with other people to try and get the complete set)

There are also a number of partnered activities taking place - find out more on the Partners Page

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