Discord Scout Troop News

21st June 2021

Today marks the beginning of a week-long challenge instigated by one of our community members, Cockatoo or Monkey_Niples#7539 to his friends. 

It is called the MS paint challenge. All drawings have to be made in Microsoft Paint , , or gimp/ without layers.

The categories our MS painters will follow are as follows:

Campfire, scouting, camping, hiking, most beautiful, best comic, funniest, best tractor and best overall.

This is our latest trial of instilling a community-led activity ethos in our server. If you are interested in showing your MS paint prowess, we have a dedicated channel for you to post your entries.

Judging begins in a week, get your painting hats on and stay tuned for the results!


14th June 2021

Our very own DST map of the world has reached a grand total of 452 locations!

This project has been running for over a year and has recently experienced an unprecedented spike in activity.

Over the last few months, DST-izens, with the help of the staff team, have been documenting places of interest such as camps, scout dens and landmarks internationally on an online map for scouts of the world to see. You can see it for yourself here.

It has helped us realise what a global community scouting is.

Join now and help us expand our collective knowledge!


10th June 2021

The website has been redesigned!