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Discord is an online platform that you can use from your web browser or from your phone or tablet which allows you to connect with Scouts around the world in a safe and easy environment.

Unlike other platforms where there is a single group or page, Discord provides an entire community - whether you want to chat around the campfire, head into the games tent, join a team in a team challenge game, you can move between and explore channels alongside everyone else taking part, making it perfect for an online Jamboree!

Signing up is free, takes less than a minute and will open the world of virtual Scouting to you!

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If you've already got Discord, you're just one step away from signing up to the Jamboree!

You can sign up to the Jamboree using your Discord account and then joining the Discord Scout Troop server, if you're not already a member. We'll use your account to keep track of your challenges, tasks and achievements and for tthe other activities before and throughout the weekend!

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